Monday, 22 August 2016

Ali Akgun – Man with Many Talents

Ali Akgun has been Hands-on innovation administrator known for canny critical thinking abilities, creating procedure, driving arranging and improvement, and also assembling solid groups. Ali Akgun is open to exploring the limit territories amongst equipment and programming. Ali Akgun’s Track record of accomplishment in building first forms of new items. Rich experience from coder to draftsman to mergers and acquisitions to protected innovation to program administration. Ali Akgun is Fruitful in individual donor and in addition individuals administration parts.
Ali Akgun is working as the Director of Development and Program Management for Software and Firmware, Microsoft Surface. He started working there in January 2006 and still working there. It’s been 10 years and 8 months.
Ali Akgun also worked as Sr. Director Corporate Business Development at UTStarcom (acquired 3Com in 2003). Ali Akgun worked there from August 1996 to December 2005. Before this, Ali Akgun was Systems Architect at USRobotics which was acquired by 3Com. Ali Akgun worked there from August 1996 to December 2005. Ali Akgun was also the Director of Engineering at Interactive Resources. Ali Akgun worked there for 1993 – 1996.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Man with Many Feathers in his Hat | Ali Akgun

Ali Akgun is a quantitative social researcher, business administrator. Ali Akgun did his Ph.D. from Stevens Institute of Technology. His core expertise includes project management, strategic management, new product development, multivaria, innovation management, organizational learning, team performance, team development, entrepreneurship, innovation studies, strategic planning, organizational psychology, business development, industrial engineering, enterprise resource planning and more.

From 1995 to 1997, he worked as a researcher at Drexel University in Philadelphia. From Jan 1997 to Jun 2001, he worked as a researcher in Stevens Institute of technology in Hoboken, United States. And in September 2001 he joined Gebze Institute, of Technology in Turkey, Gebze. He has published several articles on the skills that he has earned in the long span of a successful career.
Ali Akgun has 1832 citations listed on researchgate
Ali Akgun has 61 publications under his name
Ali Akgun has 151 followers on researchgate. 

He is the man with many feathers in his hat.

Friday, 5 August 2016

Dr. Ali Akgun – Executive director of Speciality Scanners Plc.

Dr. Ali Akgun has around 29 years of experience in the field of Medical Engineering and Health Care Technology and roughly 20 years of experience in Magnetic Resonance Diagnostic Imaging increased both in medical environments and hospital/academic. He is one of the most experienced individuals in this industry in the region. Throughout his life-span he has gained immense respect locally and globally. And, using his skills, knowledge and experience, he has served the society with the best of his abilities.

Dr. Ali Akgun, MSc (Elec.Eng), PhD (Bio-Med.Eng), MISMRM MIoD established Speciality Scanners Plc and has been its Chairman and Chief Executive Officer since October 15, 2014. Dr. Ali Akgun has been Managing Director of Speciality Magnetics Limited since April 1993. He served as Manager of Advanced Technology Development of Picker International (later Marconi Medical Systems) and Manager of Science and Technology Development of Advanced NMR Systems Inc. (Massachusetts, USA). Dr. Ali Akgun likewise served as Consultant with Surrey Medical Imaging Systems Limited. He serves as Executive Director of Speciality Scanners Plc.

Monday, 1 August 2016

For the Love of the Music – Ali Akgun

Those who love ambient music know about Ali Akgun pretty well in Istanbul. He is the leading Goa Trance ambient music producer in Istanbul, Turkey. Ali Akgun's taste in music is loved by all. He has managed to capture what people love, that's why he is so famous for every track he creates. Ali Akgun's music gang is people's number one music gang in the region. His music gang involves himself, his instruments, talent, and experience. Yes, he is one man army. Listen to the music he produces. He is working in this field for the last 5 years. If you want to feel the real music of Istanbul, Turkey with the international touch, do listen to Ali Akgun's tracks.