Friday, 8 July 2016

Ali Akgun – Footballer, Family Man And A Genuine Human Being

Ali Akgun a.k.a Ali A. was born in the year 1974. He started playing football at the very young age with his brother. He knew at that time that Ali would take this sport seriously and excel in it. He began his professional career as a footballer in the year 2006. Like any other success story, this was also full of struggle. 

Ali Faced many hardship  ps as a young struggler. His football talent went unnoticed many times, but eventually, beating all odds, his talent go the limelight it deserves. The football team he joined became very popular and successful in a very short period. Once, he and his team got successful, he was welcomed by other football teams with open arms.

Not only professional life, butt Ali’s personal life was also very sound. He was a loving husband and a proud father. There are a few people who maintain the balance between their professional and personal life.

Even after getting famous and rich, he was altogether very down to earth as a person. His taste with clothes, cars was very good.  He loved buying expensive clothes. He loved branded watches, and he drives a Mercedes convertible. His love for his car was not hidden. Everybody in the neighborhood knew about his love with his car.

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